Millions years of evolution history describe that man is born to run.

Running without cushioned shoes and without contoured insole, allows you to take advantage from amazing damper hidden in your lower limb. 


First benefit is preservation  by shock loads the knee joint;

Day by day benefits of walking and running barefoot will be reflected throughout the skeleton, posture and cardiovascular system. 

Change our running style is a long process, that requires patience and perseverance, if you are townee over forty years old, and you are accustomed to the use of highly structured shoes, be prepared to toil, pain and ..... crutches; 

Our body will break, bones and tendons will yell their disappointment, all your soul will tell you stop!


One day you'll find that this lots of flesh, blood and mucus is the only truth that you can feel;

This is the prize. 


If you are young or grew up near beach, into a tropical forest or on favela's street, you already know, just keep running!