And feel the mother of mothers, Lucy, born in you.


Playa Grande, Costa Rica is barefoot running paradise,

with 3,25 miles of perfect beach on pacific ocean, when low tide coming, the running track appears.


In Grande you can enjoy the great pleasure of running barefoot between ocean and rainforest. 


In Grande you can hark your body, running through tropical rain;

Through the ocean.  



Come to enjoy with us



Run barefoot on the beach



And feel the mother of mothers, Lucy, born in you.

My name is Enrico 44 year old, from Italy I am barefoot running lovers;

The path of life led me to manage small hotel step to beach.


If u are runners doing barefoot transition, here you can finally experience the barefoot running on wet sand, feel your body proprioception through seashells and breathe air coming from 10.000 miles of Pacific ocean.


I will be happy to guide you to discover Playa Grande natural paradise where Baula turtles they lay their eggs protected from national park, crocodrille swim on estuary and monkeys screaming from trees.


Our daily routine it begin from sunrise yoga beach session and develops through barefoot running, gym training, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking and of course, surfing!


Our restaurant try to serve healty and fresh food with predilection to EVO diets. 


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